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Til We Meet in England

Til We Meet in England at Safehouse in Peckham


November 6th - December 2nd 2017 

A family wait anxiously for their missing son, hearing rumours of attacks on their people. They prepare themselves to flee, but are surrounded by an angry mob. How can human values persist when humanitarian beliefs are flung aside? 

Set in the beautiful, hidden space of Safehouse in Peckham, Til We Meet in England is our new intimate and immersive performance, using movement, music and installation to tell a powerfully human story.

The performance explores a rarely performed tragedy, The Massacre, as a lens, offering a long view of England's rich past as a place of refuge. With powerful performances and uplifting music, this performance offers a rare chance to discover new spaces and stories.


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Getting to Safehouse


Safehouse is located a five minute walk from Peckham Rye Station. You can walk through the Copeland Park Cultural Quarter to find Safehouse just outside the gates on the other side. Or else, walk along Bournemouth Road and turn left onto Copeland Road and Safehouse is on your left.