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Til We Meet in England

Til We Meet in England at Safehouse in Peckham


In 2017 we created Til We Meet in England, supported by Arts Council England. 

Working in the beautiful, hidden space of Safehouse in Peckham, Til We Meet in England re-examined the rarely staged text by Elizabeth Inchbald, called The Massacre. Following our work at Dilston Grove (please see A Testimony and a Silence), the derelict domestic space of Safehouse interacted with the themes of exile and identity present within the play. In the unhomely home of Safehouse we ceated an intimate and immersive performance, using movement, music and installation to tell a powerfully human story.

'In Inchbald's The Massacre, the company prove there is a play for today' - The Times

'Most impressive is the seamless move between installation and linear narrative' - The Stage

Audience responses:

'I felt part of the action at all times which was both nerve-wracking and exciting – two sensations I rarely feel in the theatre! I was with you all the way.'

'An intimate exiting way to experience performance. Brilliant cast and space.'