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Current Projects

Staging Suffrage PLAY! Festival


For 2018 we have created a site-based performance project at Royal Holloway, University of London called Staging Suffrage working with archival research into the lives of 6 diverse suffragists and suffragettes, including examining the lives of little known working class suffragettes,  interweaving new writing with fragments of original suffragette plays. The performance examines the diversity of activities of the suffrage movement, including Mary Neale’s folk dance, Mary Garrud’s Jujitsu movement, Actresses’ Franchise League founder, Winifred Mayo, and student’s experiences from the diaries of Kate Perry Fry. 

On May 31st in the PLAY! Festival, and on June 3rd, in the Festival of History, audiences will take part in an interactive walkabout performance, using a combination of live performance and pre-recorded audio via wireless headset. The audience walk a route in Royal Holloway, encountering different characters and listening to their stories and making choices as they go. Tickets are free but booking essential: 


Staging Suffrage has been extremely successful already. Our first outing, on the centenary of the Representation of the People Act on February 6th, was a staged march in Egham.  This event gathered a great deal of press attention locally, nationally and internationally, with pictures of our student participants featuring  in BBC Online, TIME magazine, The Times, The Washington Post, the Sunday Post, and as one of the Guardian’s photos of the day,

Staging Suffrage Characters


In making Staging Suffrage we've researched the lives of little known men and women who fought for women's equality in the years of the suffrage movement, in a wide variety of ways. Watch this space for biographies fo our characters, and come to see the performance to see them come to life.